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The aim of Research methods is to enable the learner to plan, gather, review and present project materials and information in accordance to given research guidelines.   Research Methods is a core module in the study of Catering and Accommodation. To qualify, Catering and Accommodation students must undertake and pass this module during the first semester of the second year. The module takes 50 contact hours. To excel in this module it requires the student to have vast knowledge in the core modules of Catering and Accommodation, Introduction to ICT and good reading and writing skills. The student must therefore be willing to learn and be a team player as some of the learning practically involves working with others. The role of the module lecturer in this module is to guide and mentor the learners.  Students undertaking this module should expect both theory and practical assessments. Formative assessment is in form of continuous assessment tests and assignments, and end of semester examination whereas summative assessment is in form of final qualifying examination by carrying out a research under close supervision of two supervisors. In addition, the students should also use the NTTI guidelines to develop the research proposals and research project reports. The module lecturer should create awareness to the learners about the guidelines. The research process should entail the following:  development of a proposal, data collection and analysis, interpretation of results and writing a report for the research which must be submitted for marking at least a month before the final qualifying exam.

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